Inner world of a child


When playing, children often create amazing situations with their toy characters. They can play several roles at the same time in the “dramas”, develop initial situations into a multitude of unexpected details without worrying about the endings.


Beautiful perspectives are also their favorite topics. Their own kingdom with its castles, princes, princesses, and countless other beautiful scenes will becomes part of their memory.


Children also love adventures. Pirate ship lands on a uninhabited island, hunters conquer the mysteries of the jungle, expeditions come across the deadly desert… Your kids can come up with countless thrilling adventures with anything available …
These are good seeds for adventure spirit – You can do more to grow your own young explorers then.

... and grow up

When we grow up, we don’t stop using toys. Our house is still decorated with the old toys full of lovely memories. There are thousands of toy loving communities who are collecting and playing the toys which they are fans of since their childhood.

Perhaps we still want to keep things around to remind us who we used to be and desires which have not been achieved.
Artists also use toys extensively. Toy Photography are images in which every toy has its own “personality”. These toys are arranged to interact with other normal items to speak up about a certain topic.


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